Guillermo Oliveto, CEO of Consultant W? and a tradition in the Retailer National Meeting, was the first speaker of the afternoon and delved into what is changing in the country and what aspects remain the same beyond the situation.

To a grocery store at the beginning of the conference auditorium, the specialist spoke about the social climate in Argentina and how is consumption from surveys conducted in May by the consultant.


How to analyze reality ?, she wondered Oliveto and spoke of a volatile world, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. "There are multiple and complex contexts in each of the countries and markets," said the speaker.

Shuffle and deal again has to do with what changes, as President, tone, manner and government policies. But also, according to the specialist, must take into account aspects that do not change, or that make it more slowly, as the social structure, standards of conduct and behavior of consumers. "You have to anticipate how articulate the two issues," Oliveto said.


"The K was installed a pro consumer market logic, short-term, opportunistic and compulsive" explained referring to the legacy left by the previous government and how that affects the current reality of the shopper. In his speech he referred to the expansion of consumption as a social verifier of a new upward mobility during Kirchnerismo.

However, the promotion of consumption at a cost: inflation reached 700% accumulated in the last two periods of the Government K. In addition, GDP grew by 87% in those years but rates of growth in recent periods and declined It led to a change of government last year.


"Consumers I became addicted to promotions," he said about the fight they are giving customers against inflation to maintain purchasing power and purchasing power. "Now we are all cuoteros" he said. The consumer is aware of the offers and pays close attention to all kinds of discount for wanting to keep buying despite high prices.


The new country that feat since the inauguration of Mauricio Macri is different. The government's plan seeks to lower the fiscal deficit and inflation gradually to return to sustained GDP growth. 66% of people believe to be correct mistakes but keep the good things the previous government, while 29% think to do something completely different.

Also, 82% of people believe that you need to find a new formula that links intermediate state intervention as did the Kirchnerismo with a more liberal, similar proposal that could propose macrismo. At the midpoint it would be the key to society and to achieve the intended recovery.


Gradualism would be the way you are looking Prat Gay and Oliveto states that this is the most likely to take place over a shock alternative, although society perceives that the change was made abruptly due to increases in recent months. "86% of people believe that this is a shock," said the speaker from the survey data with 1,000 cases nationwide. 64% are concerned about their consumption capacity and 74% cut its spending so far this year, although much ensures that the shock was needed and there was "no choice". Then, 65% of people expect this to happen once the situation is more gradual.


In the first quarter meat sales fell 6%, -4% food, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning, -10% for appliances, among other figures that speak of the contraction in consumption. In this context, 76% of people agree with having maintained Rates Care and 84% support the measure to sustain the plan Now 12 and two elements to encourage consumption.

Only 12% of the population believes that the current economic situation is positive, 48% believe it is regular and 40% see it negatively. However, 62% approve of the Government of Macri, which speaks of optimism in society. In that sense, "80% is hopeful," said Oliveto.


The market was affected by the start of the year by the new prices with the old wages, although that scenario starts to change from the joint agreements, particularly since June. Can we finish the year in a more balanced way? He was questioned and interpreted that by 2016 a "balance" is expected: not to lose, but neither win. Meanwhile, people expect brands and companies helps to navigate the difficult time with straightforward pricing, promotions and security.


Guillermo Oliveto is Lic. In Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and specialist analysis of issues and consumer markets from the perspective of human beings and the impact of social context on their habits , behaviors and styles. He is currently president of W ?, Consultant company he founded in March 2010.

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